Proposals for the Current industrial development

With the rapid development of the 3C electronics industry, 3C electronic products are being upgraded towards high integration and ultra-high precision. The components in the products are getting more and more refined, and the requirements for precision and electronic integration are higher. Therefore, the welding requirements for the shape, deformation and tensility of the inner structure are more demanding than before. Laser products are widely used for frame welding, precision cutting and traceability marking in 3C products manufacture for their high energy, high precision, high directionality and flexibility. At present, in the production process of high-end electronic equipment, the application of laser technology has played an important role in improving the quality of products, making the products more refined, more portable, and more robust.

We can find the application of laser on most of the 3C electronic products on the market today. As a pioneer in the laser industry, NBI Technology is committed to providing various types of industrial laser automation equipment for the 3C electronics industry with complete industrial automation solutions.

Laser automation equipment such as laser welding machines can be applied on consumer electronics products; laser cutting machine for VR polarized film cutting and optical glass cutting; laser marking can be seen on electronic component for visual marking and body marking, all of which have helped solve the problems in the manufacturing process in the 3C electronics industry.

NBI Technology’s industrial laser automation equipment has been widely used in many manufacturing fields in the 3C electronics industry. As one of the leading company in the industry, NBI is committed to providing customers with the best and the most complete and up today industrial solutions.

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