Service​ Support​

On-site training, remote guidance, mailing, etc.

Customer training is an important part of the market service system.
In addition to the full technical exchanges with customers in the early stage, Guoyu Technology usually conducts complete technical training during customer acceptance. The training content mainly includes:
Introduce the main performance, structure and principle of the equipment.
Introduce laser safety protection knowledge and precautions.
Training on switching machine procedures, routine maintenance and simple troubleshooting.
The replacement method and precautions of conventional optical parts and wearing parts.
Training on the use, processing parameters and methods of marking software and various related drawing software.

Customers come to the company to participate in training.
The training engineer goes to the customer’s location for training.

The product delivery period is free training, and the product usage period is charged according to the actual situation.

Customers take the initiative to propose training needs based on actual conditions, and we will conduct one-to-one professional training according to customer requirements.

Our company provides lifelong training services for customers.