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The hardware machinery industry belongs to the traditional processing industry. First, the raw metal materials will be sorted before processing and then they will go through different working processes such as lathing, milling, planing, grinding, stamping, bending, etc., Finally they will be assembled into finished products. The processing technique of hardware component determines whether the hardware machinery enterprises can maintain the long-term operation and get more orders from the clients.

Analysis of the shortcomings of the hardware machinery industry:
1. The manufacturing process is complex. The hardware processing workflow has greater uncertainty. Meanwhile, there are many types of equipment and fixtures required for the production process. Therefore, the design and the management of the processing workflow are very difficult.

2. There are many types of finished products and semi-finished products. Generally, the typical production model for hardware is multiple batches and small volume, which is mostly customization. Therefore, the engineering requirements change frequently.

3. The education level and quality of employees in the hardware industry are generally lower than those in other industries. In addition, the degree of industrial automation and standardization is not high. Due to the high degree of human participation in the production process, operational errors often occur during processing, resulting in the decline of hardware’s quality during the processing and assembling.

The solution of laser automation in the hardware machinery industry

Nowadays, traditional machine cutting and argon arc welding cannot meet the requirements of modern hardware machining due to its poor processing accuracy and low efficiency. High-speed and high-precision laser automatic welding and cutting systems have emerged.

NBI has a good reputation in the domestic field of industrial laser automation. It has 20 years of experience and technical strength in the development of high-precision laser welding systems and high-speed laser cutting systems. It has successfully developed metal laser high-speed precision cutting system for many G500 companies such as the galvanometer laser welding system and other high-precision laser automation equipment.

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