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The global energy crisis and environmental pollution problems are becoming increasingly prominent. The development of industries with energy conservation and environmental protection is highly valued. The concept of new energy has emerged along with the trend. New energy has been continuously applied to various industries. The use of new energy in the automotive sector, which consumes the most fuel, has become increasingly prominent. Automobile companies continue to increase their investment in research and development of new energy vehicles. The research and development of the new energy vehicle comes with fruitful results. Many new energy vehicles and buses have been applied to daily life. Batteries with high-capacity (lithium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, hydrogen batteries) are the most important components of new energy vehicles. In order to ensure the stability and sustainability new energy batteries, laser welding has become an inevitable choice in the manufacture process of batteries.

Today’s new energy vehicles have achieved 100 kilometers acceleration in just a few seconds, allowing more people to feel the passion of driving “supercars”. And the speed of the new energy vehicles is driven by hundreds of lithium battery Cell modules. In the manufacturing process of lithium batteries and battery packs, Welding is needed in more than 20 working processes to realize the interconnection or packaging of battery modules. Therefore, the welding quality plays a very important role in the safety of the vehicle.

Laser welding is an advanced non-contact welding method that combines the atoms of two separated products by focusing a high-energy laser beam on the surface or inside of the workpiece. Compared with traditional argon arc welding, resistance welding, and ultrasonic welding, laser welding has three main advantages:
1. The heat affected zone is small;
2. Non-contact processing;
3. High welding efficiency;

In the field of new energy batteries, as a manufacturer of high-precision laser automation equipment, NBI’s battery laser welding system has been purchased by many well-known battery manufacturers. It is widely used in the manufacture of tabs, battery cell shells, sealing nails, flex connections, and explosion-proof valves, etc.

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