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With the continuous development of laser technology and the penetration of laser technology into the semiconductor industry, lasers have obtained very good application effects in multiple production processes in the semiconductor field. With laser marking, precise marking of semiconductor chips is no longer a difficult problem. Laser cutting semiconductor wafers, laser cutting semiconductor wafers, and the defects of traditional contact blade cutting have been modified to solve the problems of easy chipping of the blade, low cutting efficiency, and easy damage to the surface structure. Under the requirements of increasingly smaller integrated circuit process line widths, LOW-K materials (K is a dielectric constant, that is, low-permittivity materials) are increasingly used for integrated ICs. In view of the fact that the LOW-K layer is difficult to process with the traditional process, a laser grooving process is introduced, and the LOW-K layer is removed from the cutting path by laser. At present, 12-inch silicon wafers are widely used in the field of semiconductor integrated circuits. As the wafers become thinner and thinner, the thin wafer is bonded to the carrier wafer and then the two parts are separated by debonding and laser demolition The key has become a hot spot for its many advantages such as high efficiency and no consumables. In addition, laser has achieved good application results in drilling, scribing, annealing and other processes.
Guoyu Technology’s laser automation equipment is very diversified. It has provided different types of laser equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing processes, including MiniLED cutting, wafer sorting, chip inspection, and patterned flexible circuit boards, IC substrates and semiconductor device processing applications.

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