How much is a laser cutting machine?

In order to meet the production demand, more and more enterprises begin to choose laser cutting machine for processing. When buying a laser cutting machine for the first time, many buyers will directly ask how much a laser cutting machine is. In fact, the configuration of equipment and what kind of materials to cut directly affect the price of equipment, and random quotation is regarded as irresponsible to customers. Let’s explain the quotation composition of laser cutting machine.

How much is a laser cutting machine?

At present, there are many manufacturers of laser cutting machines on the market, and the prices of laser equipment are similar, but the prices are always inseparable from the following three points:

Laser cutting machine configuration, such as which brand of laser is used, whether it is equipped with visual inspection galvanometer, cutting power, which motor is used, laser head material, gear rack quality and format, etc. The configuration of laser cutting machine directly affects the price of laser cutting equipment.

  1. The difference of processed materials will also affect the price of laser cutting machine. The shape and material of materials will directly affect the selection of laser cutting machine.
    For brittle materials and small materials, high-precision laser cutting machine equipment is needed. With the increase of precision, there are higher requirements for laser and machine vision equipment. In this way, the price of laser cutting machine will be higher. Some customers don’t know much about laser cutting machines. They only buy those with low prices when they buy them. The configuration of such cutting machines is often relatively low. In the process of use, the accuracy of this equipment is difficult to package, and it will produce relatively high after-sales and maintenance costs, which is even more difficult to meet the cutting needs in the future.

Brand added value affects price. For well-known enterprises and newly established companies, the price of cutting machines with the same configuration will also be high or low. The price of well-known brands may be slightly higher because their product quality and after-sales are guaranteed. Moreover, the laser equipment is occasionally debugged and maintained during use. Therefore, it is a wise choice to choose a brand with excellent equipment quality and good after-sales service.

How much is a laser cutting machine?

Since its establishment, NBI technology has been committed to the R & D, production and sales of cutting equipment such as metal laser cutting machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine, non-metallic laser cutting machine, CO2 cutting machine, high-speed and high-precision optical fiber laser cutting machine and precision continuous optical fiber laser cutting machine. It is a supplier of core solutions for industrial laser automation. The company implements free pre-sales proofing, 24-hour after-sales consultation and other services.

In addition, NBI technology conducts regular return visits, equipment maintenance and technical support services to all customers every year to solve customers’ concerns. In addition, the daily production of laser cutting machine equipment shall be operated according to the requirements and shall not be overloaded, which can reduce the occurrence of machine faults, and can also be maintained regularly to prolong the service life of laser cutting machine equipment.

Now you know how to choose the right laser cutting machine. Price is important, but the most important thing is to meet your own manufacturing process requirements.
For more information about the configuration and price of laser cutting machine, please contact the professional sales engineer of Guoyu technology.