How much is a complete set of laser welding robot?

How much is a laser welding robot? At present, there are many kinds of welders in the market, and the prices of welding machines of different brands and models are different. The price of welding machines with the same brand, number of shafts, load and energy consumption is also different.

As we all know, welding work does great harm to human body and the mobility of welding workers is large. In order to stabilize production, most enterprises use laser welding robots in the production line.

Factors affecting the price of laser welding robot:

The cost of laser welding robot is different, and the price is also different. The price of laser welding robot will be affected by many factors, and the cost problem is one of them. There are various channels for purchasing laser welding robots. Different channels naturally lead to different quotations. It is recommended to purchase directly from the enterprises producing laser welding robots, and the equipment quality and after-sales service will be further guaranteed!

How much is a complete set of laser welding robot?

The production enterprises of laser welding robots are different, and the price must be different. The technology, accessories and models of laser welding robots produced by different factories are also different, so the price of laser welding robots will be different between different factories. It is mainly due to the difference in hardware quality and whether there is enough experience in the field of laser welding robot. Even if the equipment price of factories with rich experience in R & D of laser welding robot is more expensive, there will still be many enterprises to choose.

We should consider what effect the laser welding equipment can achieve and the price we can accept. The price of precision laser welding equipment is relatively high, and the hardware requirements of small laser welding equipment (portable) are relatively low. Therefore, the model specification of laser welding equipment is also the main factor affecting the price.

How much is a complete set of laser welding robot?

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The price of laser welding robot and the factors affecting the price have been introduced to you. The configuration of welding system is different, and the price of equipment is indeed very different. When selecting laser welding robot, users should select the appropriate laser welding robot according to the actual process requirements of the welded products, so as to produce qualified products and create more value for the enterprise.